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The workshop aims for promoting innovative learning methods such as E-learning and Web based applications for Education services, Technology transfer and Capacity Development. It will stimulate education, training and technology transfer considering the needs and resources available. It focuses on E-delivery of educational services as the trend of knowledge sharing and teaching methods are changing like Standardized teaching concepts, Participatory teaching, Interactive and collaborative training and skill developments.
The workshop comes with very significant and challenging theme, which concerns for education, resources, society and environment. It aims to explore advancements in Geospatial technology and GeoInformatics applications for a better environment with specific emphasis on Strategies for Earth Resources Management.  It will discuss present scenario and novel applications in GIS fields like Remote Sensing, Photogrammetry, Spatial information sciences, Geospatial technologies etc. The workshop attempts to focus on current and future trends related to E-learning capacity and applications, delivery methods and opportunities by inviting international universities, organizations and companies for knowledge exchange and exploring new horizon. The workshop will be a platform for international experts, researchers, students, scientists, academia, professionals and industry from the field of Geospatial world.

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